March 6, 2014

Diagnosis #1: EGO

Chief Complaint

Miss S, is a 24 year old lady who presented with agitation and temperament.

History of Presenting Illness

Miss S is distressed and looked distraughted. Prior to that, miss S stated that she was browsing through Facebook when saw a friend posted a status about how homeopathy is better as a first treatment rather than using cannabis. As a medical student, she knows that cannabis is never used for any medical treatment. As a matter of fact, cannabis is actually an illicit drug which is usually used by the drug addicts. Therefore, she made a comment on her friend's wall explaining the misunderstanding about the use of cannabis in medical treatment. She also commented on the importance of modern medicine in treating diseases compared to seeking homeopathy treatment. However, her friend replied the comment stating that whatever it is, homeopathy is way better than using modern medicine which can give tons of harmful side effects to the body. Miss S felt challenged by the comment and started to reply by giving all the points and case based evidence on the effectiveness of modern medicine and how the modern medicine had helped so many people around the world. Her friend gave out another argument disagreeing with her which she then replied with another statement proving that she is right. The arguments continued on for some time and the two of them tried to win the argument.

Past Medical History

Miss S had several similar situations previously. She always finds it difficult to accept someone else suggestions and thinks that she is always right. She will argue until her points are accepted and by any means everything goes her way. She also easily becomes angry and annoyed whenever someone points out her mistakes or tries to advice her. She thinks highly about herself and she is very proud of her intelligence, beauty and her wealthy family. Therefore, she always feel jealous if anyone is better than her. Apart from that, she hardly apologize and acknowledge her mistakes to others.

Medication History

Had a few counselling sessions with best friends before but not really helping.

Family History

Her parents are very proud of her. Since young, her parents felt that Miss S is very special and different from other children. She is bright and always ranked in the top three in school. Her parents always brag about their children's achievement to others.

Social History

Miss S has few close friends. People hardly befriend with her. She has no previous social problem.

Physical Examination

General inspection: Miss S is restless, sweating with shaky hands and red face.
Cardiovascular: She is tachycardic with pulse 104 bpm
Respiratory: Miss S is breathing heavily.
Gastrointestinal: She described feeling like having butterfly in stomach
Musculoskeletal: She frowns everytime she is not satisfiied with something.
Nervous system: Quick and spontaneous response to any remarks.

Final Diagnosis


1- Tachycardic- A condition when the heart rate is over 100 bpm
2- bpm- beat per minute

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